We’ve all been told before that driving is a privilege and not a right. Some people tend to take that privilege for granted though. Many drivers don’t realize that a simple conviction on a routine traffic offense can lead to a driver’s license suspended. If you’re driving on one or more tickets right now, a traffic violation lawyer in Belvidere, IL, can pursue getting one or more of those tickets dismissed or reduced. If your driver’s license is already suspended because of too many tickets, an efficient and effective traffic lawyer can help you clear that suspension and get you back on the road legally again.

There’s More to It Than Fines and Court Costs
Although fines and court costs are costly in Illinois, a conviction of record on a minor traffic offense is likely to cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket too. That’s a typical hidden cost of being convicted of a traffic offense in Illinois. Over a period of three years that might end up being 10 times the amount of your fines and court costs.

Minimize the Consequences of a Ticket
If you put a check in the mail with your traffic ticket, you’re pleading guilty to the offense that you were charged with. That might seem like the most convenient option, but it certainly isn’t the most prudent legal option. That information will be reported to the Secretary of State in Springfield, and points are going to be assessed against your driver’s license. Rather than just mailing in your ticket with a check, you can act to minimize any consequences that a ticket can have on your life. A traffic violation lawyer in Belvidere, IL, can be invaluable in that regard.

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