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A Criminal Defense Law Attorney in Mount Vernon WA Uses Various Strategies to Help Clients Beat DUI Charges


When an individual faces a first-time charge of driving under the influence of alcohol, this person has important decisions to make regarding how to respond. Most people decide to accept their responsibility in the matter and not dispute the charge. They plead guilty or not contest, pay their fine and figure out ways to handle the driver’s license suspension. A Criminal Defense Law Attorney in Mount Vernon WA becomes essential when someone wants to fight a DUI charge.

There are several reasons certain individuals must dispute this type of criminal charge. One person may drive for a living and faces losing the job if convicted of DUI. A truck driver with a commercial driver’s license faces losing that license and his or her livelihood. A person who has a career goal of working as a professional driver also will not want a DUI on his or her record. Another person may be involved in a child custody battle and realizes that a DUI conviction would substantially undermine the chances of obtaining custody.

A Criminal Defense Law Attorney in Mount Vernon WA helps these clients with a variety of strategies. These strategies are intended to persuade the prosecuting attorney to drop or reduce the charges, or a judge to dismiss the case or find the defendant not guilty. A firm such as The Law Office of Corbin T. Volluz may be able to plead the charge down to one of wet reckless, for example. This is a conviction of reckless driving in which alcohol was involved. It is still considered a serious driving offense, but it has more lenient penalties than a DUI conviction carries.

In Washington State, prosecuting attorneys also can change a charge of DUI to one of wet negligent driving, which is an even less serious conviction. A person convicted of wet reckless must have the driver’s license suspended for at least 30 days, but no suspension is levied against someone convicted of negligent driving. For the individual who does not want these types of conviction on the record, the lawyer may be able to challenge the evidence or the law enforcement procedures used during the pullover or arrest.

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