A Criminal Law Firm and the Singapore Justice System

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Attorneys

When it comes to criminal law, while the basis is rooted in English Common Law and instituted as Acts of Parliament, Singapore relies on what are four fundamental principles. These are:

1. The criminal justice system has a duty to protect society from criminal actions while maintaining law and order
2. In all cases, both the process and the rule of law must be observed. Sentences resulting from the process must be proportionate to both the crime’s seriousness and the liability of the offender
3. The enforcement agencies must be authorized to efficiently perform their duties
4. Offenders must be allowed the chance for rehabilitation and reintegration into society

A criminal law firm works within the justice system to help a client navigate through it.

The Letter of the Law vs Interpretation

While the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore states that anyone, once arrested, has the right to be informed of the cause for this action and granted access to a lawyer, this is not the interpretation adopted by the court system. They do not permit the accused to contact a criminal law firm in Singapore immediately. Instead, they wait until a “reasonable time” after the arrest has been made.

Hire a Criminal Law Firm

If you find yourself accused of a criminal act, or are the subject of an investigation, contact a criminal lawyer immediately. Once arrested, talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Failing to engage counsel at an early date can have profound consequences for you and your family.

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