A Lawyer Can Help Those Injured in Metro Accidents in Bowie

by | May 10, 2016 | Lawyers

Trains and subways may be privately or publicly operated. In either instance, the operator typically has its own team of lawyers and investigators if Metro Accidents in Bowie occur. State laws on these accidents vary widely, but it’s usually possible for an operator to be held liable for passenger injuries under the negligence theory. It can be difficult to prove causation, however.

Common Injuries on Subway Trains

Riding the subway can expose passengers to various injuries and risks. Some may include:

• Slip and fall

• Collisions with other trains

• Injuries from being caught in a turnstile or door in a subway station

• Injuries from a sudden stop

• Electrocution

• Harm from negligent repairs

• Injuries due to unsanitary or unsafe conditions

• Chemical exposure

• Wrongful death

To receive damages, a victim’s injuries must have been due to negligence or failure on the operator’s part. Operators typically cannot be held responsible for other passengers’ actions, such as assaults, robberies, and thefts. However, stations can be held responsible if a crime happens due to an absence of security. Generally, operators may not be held liable for secondary losses after Metro Accidents in Bowie (such as wage loss that occurs when one is late for work).

Filing a Complaint

As mentioned previously, operators often have a legal team to handle passenger injuries, and most investigations are done to relieve the operator of liability for a passenger’s injuries. For such reasons, those injured in subway incidents should hire an attorney to investigate the incident and research the law. Passengers should report the incident to the operator, the city department of transportation, and other agencies. A lawyer can help a passenger gather the documentation necessary to prove a case.

Should a Passenger Hire an Attorney After a Subway Injury?

If a person is injured on a subway, they should call a personal injury lawyer right away while the incident is still fresh in their memory. A local personal injury lawyer with the Jaklitsch Law Group can determine a client’s options in obtaining recovery after Metro Accidents in Bowie, and they can help victims address a subway operator’s negligence in court.

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