Being Proactive with the Help of a Divorce Law Lawyer in Lee’s Summit, MO

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Lawyers

Getting a divorce can be a challenging legal process as well as an emotional roller coaster ride for the divorcing couple. However, there are times where the only possible course of action is to dissolve a marriage. In these situations, regardless of how cordial the divorcing couple may be to each other, the services of a Divorce Law Lawyer in Lee’s Summit MO will be invaluable.

Divorce Time Lines

There are a few different ways that the services of a divorce lawyer are necessary during the divorce process. In most states, there is a separation period that has to be fulfilled before the courts can grant a divorce. In some states, the waiting time can be as long as a year, but in Missouri, being a no-fault divorce state, the waiting period or the separation can be as little as 30 days and as long as 90 days in certain situations.

Planning Ahead

For couples that feel that their marriage is beyond repair, couples can take this time and negotiate a divorce settlement. What this does is that once the court grants a divorce, the settlement can already be drawn up including the division of assets, child custody issues and any alimony or child support payments and visitation rights. If both parties agree to this, and if the settlement is in compliance with the laws governing this type of agreement, the courts will sign off on the document and the marriage will be officially dissolved.

Looking Out for the Best Interest of the Clients

In order to craft this sort of agreement, it will be important to have a Divorce Law Lawyer in Lee’s Summit MO. A divorce attorney can represent not only their client’s best interest in a divorce settlement, but they can also ensure that any impasses are overcome. In addition, if the settlement process is unsuccessful, especially for couples that harbor a great deal of animosity towards one another, the attorney can represent their clients in open court.

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