Child Custody Tips From Experienced Child Custody Lawyers In Temecula

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Lawyers

In any child custody case, the deciding factor will be the “best interests of the child.” Courts are composed of human beings with their own histories and opinions, but they want to do what is best for the physical and emotional needs of the child.

Each case is as unique as the parents and the child, but the court will be considering multiple factors when deciding on the best custody arrangement for the child. There are many possible scenarios to consider when consulting Child Custody Lawyers in Temecula and preparing a parenting plan for the court. Below are some of the issues the court might consider.

• Does each parent have a relationship with the child?

• Is there a strong emotional bond between the child and each parent?

• Does either parent have a physical or emotional issue that interferes with their parenting ability? The Proof is needed whether making an allegation about the other parent or defending yourself against allegations.

• Would the child be living in a stable environment? Has the other parent formed an unhealthy new relationship or is living a chaotic lifestyle?

• What is the job history of each parent? Could they support the child? What if one parent has been the breadwinner while the other remained home with the children?

• Does the child have any special needs that must be accommodated? A disabled child might be attending a special school, for example. What if a child is attending a religious school and the parents disagree?

• Does the child have a strong relationship with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins?

• What are the motives of each parent seeking custody? If it is believed that the other parent has questionable motives for wanting custody, that is important, but reasonable proof must be provided.

• Does the other parent have a record of child abuse, neglect, or domestic violence? Provide proof, as this would be critical to a determination of custody.

• Would the child prefer to live with one parent rather than the other? The court will only consider this if the child is believed to be sufficiently mature.

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