The Social Security Administration handles government overseen SSI and SSDI benefits for eligible citizens. These monies can mean a cash amount received each month and/or payment of medical bills and healthcare services. Some eligible individuals also get reduced or free transportation services, food assistance, and more. Learn how to determine if you need help from a dependable SSI disability lawyer in Knoxville, TN.

Do You Have a Disability Due to Health Reasons or Injuries?

Although most citizens do have to wait until they are at least retirement age at 65 before becoming eligible for the full amount of benefits. Seniors can also apply early at age 62 if they meet certain criteria. However, these benefits will be less than if they wait until the designated retirement age. Individuals who have a serious health condition or at least one disability can apply earlier to receive monthly benefits through SSDI.

What Are Spousal Benefits with Regards to SSI or SSDI?

Many individuals are unaware that they may be able to collect spousal benefits in certain cases. This is true whether the couple is still married, divorced or one is now a widow or widower. Usually, the couple will have needed to be married at least 10 years, and the spouse must have accrued enough work credits from the SSI. There are age limitations as well.

Talk with a Seasoned SSI Disability Lawyer from Knoxville, TN

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