Doing Business With Free At Last Bail Bonds In Dekalb County

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Legal Services

Many people who are arrested can get out of jail quickly. That is because some crimes have pre-set bonds. In fact, the bond amount is usually set by the judges in the jurisdiction. However, the accused may still have a hard time getting out. Sometimes, the bail amount is too high and the accused needs a reduction. Likewise, individuals charged with more serious crimes may not have a bond. In both instances, the accused must petition the court. And, there is such a thing as a “get out jail free card.” The accused may be lucky enough to be released on their own recognizance, also known as an O.R. bond.

People who get O.R. bonds usually have a lot of family in the area. Additionally, they probably have a job and no serious criminal record. Further, the judge wants to see these same things at a bail hearing. Judges think that people with significant ties to the community are less likely to flee. There are several ways to get someone out on bond. Visit us website to learn more. Many people feel confident doing business with Free At Last Bail Bonds in Dekalb County. This business has operated in the area for many years. Experts say it is best to deal with a bail bondsman one can trust. A family feels more secure knowing they are hiring a reputable firm.

There are several ways to pay bail. First, you can pay the bonding company a percentage of the total bail. However, the payer does not get the money back. Next, the total amount of bail can be paid. And, the money will be refunded when the case is over. In addition, the bonding company is paid a small fee. Finally, some individuals may want to put up property for the bond. However, the property must have enough equity to equal the total bail amount. In some instances, people lose their property when the accused flees the jurisdiction. The staff at Free At Last Bail Bonds in Dekalb County will have your loved one out quickly. Hopefully, they will hire an attorney and start preparing a defense.

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