Hiring an Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Portland, OR

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Criminal Lawyer

A federal criminal charge carries with it entirely different punishments from those levied for state offenses. When you are charged with a federal crime, you could face penalties ranging from decades in prison to the death penalty.

Because of how much more serious federal charges can be, you need to retain a legal team that has experience defending clients at this level in court. These reasons can convince you to hire an experienced and assertive criminal defense lawyer in Portland, OR, to defend you in federal court.

Experienced Counsel

when you hire a lawyer who has argued in federal court, you gain an important legal ally who can advise you on how best to proceed with your case. A lawyer who has never defended a client in federal court may not be entirely aware of what the statutes are or when to take a plea deal versus taking your chances at trial. He or she also may not be familiar with the federal prosecutors and judges who could be assigned to your case.

A federal criminal defense lawyer can counsel you on what your chances are in court and how you need to proceed to beat the charges or face the least punishment. You could avoid going to prison or facing the death penalty.

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