In Ohio, domestic violence is any assault against a member of the same household. The victims also include individuals who once lived inside the property or who had a romantic connection to the defendant. Criminal attorneys in Cincinnati, OH help defendants facing these charges today.

The Impact of the Initial Charges

The initial impact of these charges involves the presumption of guilty. Even if the individual isn’t convicted of the crime, their charges appear on any criminal background check conducted. This may limit their ability to secure certain types of employment in the future. The presumption of guilt may also affect a divorce case connected to these charges.

How a Protection Order Affects the Case

A protection order is issued when the victim possesses clear evidence of an assault. The judge provides the protection order to limit contact between the victim and their attacker. Any violation of the terms of this order incurs a separate criminal charge. These violations will apply when the defendant appears in court for the initial charges.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

When a report of domestic violence reaches law enforcement, officers visit the location of the victim. It is not improbable for the officers to mistake the identity of the true victim. They often determine that the attacker is the individual with the least severe injuries. This isn’t always the case. Victims of domestic violence often fight back to prevent additional injuries once they are attacked initially.

How the Conviction Affects the Defendant’s Life

A conviction for domestic violence will follow the defendant throughout their lives. They are often turned down for rental leases and jobs due to the assumption that they are dangerous. The charges indicate a violent nature. When a background check is conducted, the individual doesn’t have the opportunity to explain their circumstances completely.

In Ohio, domestic violence is a serious criminal infraction that may make distinctions in connecting cases such as divorce. A protection order provides more evidence for the court, if it is violated. Individuals facing these charges should contact criminal attorneys in Cincinnati, OH by visiting website for more information today.

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