Those arrested for a DUI should hire a DUI defense lawyer in Torrance, CA to help them with their trial. However, there are more ways a DUI lawyer can help than just creating a defense during the trial phase. Those hiring a DUI lawyer can also expect the following help.

Help with Lowering Bail Amount

Bail amounts are usually set automatically, but there are situations where a judge will determine the bail amount. If the bail amount is too high, the DUI lawyer can help their client request a lowered bail amount. This could help them afford the bail so they can be released from jail pending their hearings.

Help with Police Questioning

It’s important for those who are arrested to have an attorney with them if they need to speak with the police. If the arresting officer wants to question them, the person should ask to have their lawyer present. The lawyer can help them answer all questions to avoid self-incrimination.

Help with Their Driver’s License

When someone is arrested and charged with a DUI, their driver’s license is automatically suspended. Those who need a driver’s license to get to work may be able to apply for a hardship license. Their ability to drive will be severely limited, but they will be able to get to work and back. The DUI lawyer can help them apply for the hardship license and show it is necessary for them to be able to work.

Help with Court Alternatives

A person who has been arrested doesn’t always have to go through a trial. There are some alternatives they might want to look into that can minimize the impact the arrest will have on their future. A DUI lawyer can review these alternatives with them and make suggestions as to which options might be appropriate for their case and accepted by the judge.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, start working with a DUI defense lawyer in Torrance, CA immediately so they can help you with all of the above and other aspects relating to your case. Visit Shook & Associates Inc. online at to learn more about what they can do to help you after a DUI arrest.