The right Personal Injury Attorney in Port Orchard can help his or her clients receive the monetary compensation they need to pay hospital bills, make up for lost wages, and begin putting their lives back together after an accident. It’s always best for clients to put in a little bit of legwork before they head in for their initial consultations to ensure their attorneys will have all the information necessary to prepare a case. Read on to find out how.

Written Documentation

Be sure to print out any documentation available from the accident and bring it to the initial consultation even if the lawyer doesn’t specifically ask for it. These documents should include copies of police reports or accident reports, copies of all records from healthcare providers including a detailed diagnosis and anticipated future care, copies of any healthcare bills, and information regarding insurance coverage for medical bills. Those who have missed work due to their injuries should also write down and document the days they’ve missed and any lost income. Those who have been in correspondence with insurance companies should be sure to bring copies of any claims that have been filed and any correspondence with the companies.

Write Down Questions Beforehand

It’s always a good idea to write down any questions for the lawyer prior to heading in for a consultation. These might include questions regarding the lawyer’s personal experience handling similar claims, questions about billing and fees, and questions about any potential problems that could come up over the course of the case. It’s also a good idea to inquire about time limits and statutes of limitation regarding when the lawsuit must be filed.

Get a Detailed Contract

Clients should plan to leave their initial consultations with a detailed list of what services the lawyer will provide and how much those services will cost. Keep in mind that every Personal Injury Attorney in Port Orchard will likely bill for his or her time and services according to different schedules and some of them will require a retainer that must be paid upfront. Contact us for more information about personal injury law or to schedule a time for an initial consultation.