Three Tips to Improve the Outcome of Your Personal Injury Claim in Chicago

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Legal Services

Even when you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer in Chicago, pursuing a claim for damages can be a complex process. The actions you take immediately after the accident and in the future can affect the outcome of your claim. Whether you’re filing an initial claim with an insurance company or taking the issue to civil court, these actions will help you improve your chances for a more favorable outcome.

Take Photos of the Damages

If the incident involved damages to your personal property, use your phone’s camera to take pictures of the damages. This might involve taking photos of damages to your car in an auto accident or damages to your home if a defective product caused a house fire. If there weren’t any property damages, such as in the case of a slip and fall, you can still take pictures of the scene where the accident occurred.

Get a Medical Evaluation Right Away

Delaying medical treatment can make it seem as though your injuries aren’t as serious as you state in your claim. Additionally, putting off a medical evaluation can give internal injuries time to worsen. You’ll also help your attorney assess your claim since your medical records and bills will help them accurately estimate the cost of your damages.

Stay Off Social Media

You can help your personal injury lawyer in Chicago by avoiding your social media accounts until your claim is settled. Even posting or commenting on topics that seem completely unrelated to your accident can be used to disprove your claim. For example, photos of a family celebration will give the insurance company a way to suggest your injuries aren’t serious. Even if the photos are from an older event, the images can be presented out of context.

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