A bicycle accident can cause serious bodily harm if it involves a larger and heavier motor vehicle. These types of injuries can be devastating and even permanent. Many are unaware that they have the legal right under the laws of this state to sue for compensation benefits. Follow these helpful tips that will help you choose a dedicated bicycle accident attorney in Fort Myers, FL located.

Choose an Attorney with Experience in Personal Injury Law

The complex rules and regulations involving legal matters in personal injury law change frequently. Your attorney should have the necessary background, experience and knowledge in order to represent your interests in court. Never settle an accident involving a bike without at least consulting a suitable attorney beforehand in order to protect your legal rights.

How to Find a Potential Accident Lawyer

Type in bicycle accident attorney in Fort Myers, FL into your preferred Internet search engine bar from your smart phone, computer or other device. This should pull up all available nearby law firms with their contact details, and a section of “learn more about us” for specific legal details.

Call an Attorney Before Signing Settlement Agreements

Often, personal injury lawsuits, like a bicycle accident, are settled outside of the traditional courtroom setting. It is crucial for the injured party to always have their own personal lawyer review any potential insurance settlement agreements prior to signing them.

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