If you are unable to work and you already know you’ll be like this for a year or more, Social Security Disability might be for you. Although the process for filing for this type of assistance can be difficult, lawyers who specialize in Social Security Disability in Medford can help increase the odds that the powers-to-be will approve your application. In fact, even if you’ve already applied for Social Security Disability but you were denied, you can get their help filing an appeal.

The Basics of Social Security Disability

Many people have private disability insurance, but if people who don’t have it yet suddenly become disabled, disability payments that come from the Social Security Administration might be available to you. A good lawyer who knows all about l can answer your questions and even help you file the initial application. These applications are long and complicated, but a good lawyer can help you make sense of it so that nothing important is overlooked or forgotten in the process.

A Good Thing to Have

If you become disabled for any reason, which includes mental or psychological disability, you may very well qualify for Social Security Disability. The main requirement is that your disability is expected to last for a minimum of one year, and there is also a minimum amount of Social Security taxes you must’ve contributed up to that point. It’s important to consult with a lawyer specializing in Social Security Disability in Medford to make sure you qualify.