What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney in Ann Arbor MI

by | Sep 4, 2023 | Law Firm

One should use a combination of factors when searching for a personal injury attorney in Ann Arbor MI. In the case of personal injury, it’s vital to find a firm that specializes in this specific area. Personal injury is a large area of law practice, and can encompass everything from wrongful death suits and medical malpractice to slip and falls and other forms of negligence and poor maintenance or error that lead to the injury to an innocent party. You’ll want to be certain that a firm that claims to specialize in personal injury is familiar with your specific type of injury suit, and that they are familiar with filing and winning cases in Ann Arbor MI. Choosing an out-of-the-area firm can hurt your case if the firm is not familiar with the judges and court system in Ann Arbor MI. A firm that regularly tries cases in this court system will have an advantage, because they know the particular judges’ tendencies and demeanors, which can be like having a “home field advantage”..

Ann Arbor MI is like most major cities; when you begin searching for a personal injury attorney in Ann Arbor MI you are sure to find many different firms. How do you judge which ones you should call first? Here are some ways to look into a firm’s competency, while taking a stringent look at what is published about them. You want to be certain that you interview only the most efficient, experienced, and successful personal injury law firms.

Begin your search on the internet. While this seems obvious, the amount of time searchers spend really scrutinizing a firm’s website is less than sufficient. All firms will claim that they have a high win ratio, but what forms of proof do they offer? Are their previous client testimonials that show success in a case area similar to yours? Do they have a list of cases they’ve prosecuted successfully? Does the site offer information that goes beyond just some basic information that’s general to all similar sites?

Where a lawyer went to law school can often tell you more information, as can the number of years of experience they have with prosecuting cases in the Ann Arbor MI area. These factors matter directly with your case. Being able to select an associate in advance can put your mind at ease, since you know that your case is not assigned to some new associate with little experience.

Remember that this is your case and your choice, so you have the right to know all you can about the education and years of specific experience the lawyer that will represent you has. When these factors are positive, most professional firms will show that on their website. Be selective when searching for a personal injury attorney in Ann Arbor MI, as it can make all the difference in the end. Contact Hermanowski Law.

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