While the death of a loved one is always trying, when that death is caused by another person, it’s important to get legal advice as quickly as possible. The laws dealing with wrongful death are complex, and working with an attorney will help surviving loved ones understand how to proceed.

What Types of Incidents Are Defined as Wrongful Deaths?

Any time a person dies as a result of a careless or unlawful act of another person, the surviving loved ones may have the right to sue for damages. Since the laws defining wrongful death and who can file an action are complicated, getting advice from a wrongful death attorney in Hawaii is always recommended. The actual event causing the death could be an auto accident, work-related incident, or be related to criminal activity. The attorney will explain the scope of the laws and help clients determine if there is evidence to move forward with a wrongful death action.

Dealing with Attorneys’ Fees

In the majority of instances, attorneys work on these types of cases without requiring significant upfront fees from clients. They are paid out of the proceeds recovered from the individual or entity responsible for the death. However, it is always good to discuss fee structures with the attorney before proceeding. Since most attorneys won’t take a case they don’t feel they can win, the fee discussion will normally revolve around the percentage of the proceeds the attorney will receive afterwards.

Defining the Types of Damages Early Is Important

The wrongful death attorney in Hawaii will work with clients to determine what types of financial damages surviving loved ones may be entitled to. While the victim’s final medical expenses will certainly be included, other types of damages must be defined early in the settlement process. Loss of consortium, income replacement and items like dealing with future childcare and education costs must be discussed. The attorney will understand the types of damages available in specific instances.
The important thing is to contact an attorney for advice as soon as possible after a death. For more information or to schedule a consultation, go to Autoaccidentattorneyhonolulu.com now. The lawyers will do whatever possible to resolve an already difficult situation for their client.

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