Contrary to popular belief, an attorney is not always necessary to resolve a personal injury case. If the claims process is easy, a number of damages low or the responsible party admits liability and then it may be possible for a person to handle his or her own lawsuit. However, here are a few times when the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Mobile, AL is essential.

When Injuries Are Extensive

A hefty portion of the compensation awarded by the court is determined by the extent of the plaintiff’s injuries. When injuries are severe or result in long-term or permanent disability, the compensation should be sufficiently high to cover both the extensive treatment required and any negative impact the injuries may have on the victim’s life. For instance, a person whose limb is severed in an accident should receive money for the lifetime loss of that limb.

Unfortunately, the higher the potential award, the more likely the liable party and/or insurance company will do everything they can to avoid paying. Having an experienced attorney who is able to push the case through the court or get the insurance company to settle will be essential to collecting the compensation owed.

The Case Involves Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are some of the highest paying lawsuits because they often involve long-term or irreparable damage to health or death of the patient. At the same time, these lawsuits can be the most difficult to litigate because medicine is a complex science and a healthcare provider’s negligence or fault may not be clearly evident.

Proving liability in these cases often involves explaining complicated medical terminology and procedures to a jury full of laymen with limited knowledge of medicine. An attorney who is versed in medical malpractice law can help the jury understand the extent of the damage caused by the defendant’s actions and hire expert witnesses who can clearly explain where things went wrong.

There are many other cases where having the help of a personal injury lawyer in Mobile, AL can be crucial to the outcome of the lawsuit. For more information about suing for an injury or assistance with a case, contact Gene T. Moore.