4 Things to Know About Hiring a Divorce Attorney in Menifee

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Lawyers

If one has never been divorced before, the process of dissolving a marriage can be foreign. A client’s first inclination is typically to hire an attorney, but certain considerations should be made. A divorce lawyer’s services are costly, and the attorney holds the client’s future in his or her hands. Therefore, the client should know what they’re paying for. Before retaining divorce attorney in Menifee, a spouse should consider the points below.

It’s Not Mandatory to Hire a Lawyer, but It’s a Good Idea

It is not legally required to have representation during a divorce case; in fact, many people represent themselves. If the divorce is simple–that is, no children or significant assets are involved–and the marriage was not long-lasting, a spouse can represent himself or herself. However, most divorces can be anything but simple, and an attorney’s advice can prove invaluable during the process.

Some Lawyers Charge by the Hour, and They Bill for EVERYTHING

Attorneys’ fee structures can be mystifying to the uninitiated. Divorce attorneys typically work on a retainer basis, meaning that they require partial payment before they start working on a case. After the retainer fees are exhausted, the client is billed by the hour. These charges can quickly add up, even in simple cases.

Lawyers Can’t Guarantee a Certain Result

Regardless of how costly or aggressive an attorney is, they cannot guarantee that a client will achieve a favorable outcome. Attorneys can only negotiate with the other spouse’s lawyer. If the negotiations are unsuccessful, the case may end up in court, and a trial is a significant risk for everyone involved.

A Lawyer’s Case Load Can Result in Delays

Some lawyers are very busy, and a heavy workload can cause delays. A client may have to wait several hours or even days to hear back from their attorney if there are questions about the case. While some clients can accept this, others cannot, and they need lawyers who can provide a higher level of one-on-one attention.

Many spouses hire divorce attorneys to handle a case, but they make the decision without considering the benefits and costs of legal representation. The information above can provide guidance to those who decide to handle a case with the help of a divorce attorney in Menifee. Potential clients can click here to consult a lawyer with the law office of Michelle Penna.

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