Crimes against public safety are offenses affecting the public rather than a person. A public safety crime can be as minor as an instance of public intoxication to a more severe offense, such as a weapons crime. Punishments have two goals: to prevent people from engaging in dangerous conduct and to protect the general public (as is the case with a teen curfew). Laws can vary widely by jurisdiction.

Examples of Crimes Against the Public

Examples of crimes against public safety may include:

• Juvenile curfew violations

• Disorderly conduct

• Disturbance of the peace

• Weapons violations

• Vagrancy and loitering

• Environmental violations

• Public intoxication

• Making a false terrorism report or engaging in terrorist acts

Again, such offenses may be different from one jurisdiction to the next. Many times, conducts considered illegal in a certain area may be permissible in another area (such as a residential zone vs. a business zone). This is quite common, especially in laws concerning alcohol consumption. It’s best to consult a criminal lawyer in Phoenixville, PA as they can apply the state’s rules to a particular case.

Legal Penalties for Crimes Against Public Safety

The penalty for a public safety offense depends on the severity and nature of the act. Generally, public safety offenses are classed as misdemeanors, which may be punishable by a short jail sentence and a fine. In some instances, a minor violation may result in a traffic ticket or a written citation, payable by mail or in person.

However, repeat offenses (even on minor acts) can result in misdemeanor charges. Likewise, a simple misdemeanor can be elevated to felony level if the action is repeated.

Do Defendants Need an Attorney for Legal Help After a Public Safety Offense?

Crimes against public safety differ from other offenses because the public is involved, rather than being against one specific victim. As such, these offenses are often punished very severely. If a person needs legal representation when facing public safety violations, they should consult a criminal defense attorney at  right away. A criminal lawyer in Phoenixville, PA, can offer legal advice, and he or she can defend the client in court if required.