A Personal Injury Lawyer in Storrs, CT Helps Clients Injured After Slipping in a Hotel Shower

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Lawyers

When someone slips and falls in a hotel shower, there may be a serious injury that requires medical treatment and time away from work. The person may wonder whether the hotel should be held responsible for any of this expense. Consulting a Personal Injury Lawyer in Storrs CT will provide insight as to whether there is a valid claim against the business.

Keeping Hotel Rooms Safe

Hotel owners may offer a defense that shows their bathrooms pose no greater risk of slipping and falling than any ordinary residential setting. However, prior case history shows that courts tend to decide in favor of plaintiffs in these matters. Hotels are expected to put forth extra effort to make sure their guests are safe. This could mean only installing showers and tubs with textured surfaces to avoid slipping dangers. Personal Injury Lawyer in Storrs CT can research this case history and use it in the plaintiff’s claim.

Owners of lodging establishments are expected to, at the least, have non-skid strips adhered to tub and shower floors. Ideally, they also will have railings installed that help people maintain their balance and prevent falling if they become unsteady. In addition, bath mats should be provided in each room. If any guests refuse to use them and have a slipping accident, their cases will be harder to make.

Relevant Research

Research by Cornell University has found that slip-and-fall incidents at hotels are the most common accidents in these settings. A large number of these incidents happen in bathrooms. Lawyers with a firm such as Kahan, Kerensky and Capossela LLP can use this type of research to show that lodging establishment owners and managers must become more conscientious about making the rooms safe for everyone, including elderly and disabled guests.

Plaintiff Goals

The goal of the lawyer and plaintiff typically is to have the case settled without going to court since that process can drag on for a long time. The plaintiff should reasonably expect to have all medical bills paid for by the hotel, including hospitalization, surgery, general doctor bills, and physical therapy. Lost wages should be compensated for as well.

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