When an individual has been injured on the job, they may not be able to work because of their injuries. Completing an application for benefits and trying to locate a doctor who understands the workers’ compensation process can be difficult without the help of a workers’ compensation attorney in Westbury, NY. An attorney who is experienced in the workers’ compensation process will immediately begin to build a case for the injured worker and will help them choose a doctor, file their claim, and submit a wage and hour claim.

What Types of Accidents Are Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

Injuries that happen on the job will be covered by the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy including:

  *     Hearing and vision loss

  *     Exposure to dangerous fumes or chemicals

  *     Machinery accidents

  *     Repetitive stress injuries

  *     Construction accidents

  *     Exposure to harmful diseases

  *     And many more

Construction Accidents

It is an employer’s responsibility to create a safe environment for their workers. Construction sites are a dangerous place for those who work on scaffolding, ladders or roofs. Broken bones and back injuries can easily happen when a worker falls.

People who work under an active job site can easily suffer head injuries from falling objects. Power tools can malfunction and cause serious injuries to a worker.

Private or Public Sector

Whether an individual works for the private or public sector, a workers’ compensation attorney in Westbury, NY will be able to help. The rules for an injured civil servant, state or county employee and a union worker are different, but an attorney will understand the steps the injured worker needs to take. Work injuries can be very complicated when a third party is involved in the accident.

A third party can be involved in a work-related injury when construction equipment malfunctions. If an individual is injured on the job when they are in their vehicle, the claim will be complicated.

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