In Texas, if a child’s parents aren’t married when pregnancy or birth occurs, the father has no parental or legal obligations or rights. To legally establish a relationship with a child, the father must declare paternity. Along with having a say in the legal decision-making process and the ability to go to court for child support, paternity establishment allows fathers to request custody and form a meaningful bond with his child.

Unmarried Fathers’ Custody Rights

If a child’s mother does not give the father visitation rights, he may file for custody. Texas’ family courts determine child custody rights. If both parents can agree on custody, either of their own accord or with help from a family lawyer in Lubbock, TX, the judge will consider that agreement when making custody decisions.

Types of Child Custody in the State of Texas

There are four child custody types that may be granted to parents in Texas.

  • Legal custody: Here, the judge determines which parent is allowed to make decisions regarding the child’s future.
  • Physical custody: The parent who has physical custody is actually in the child’s presence most of the time.
  • Joint custody: In a joint custody arrangement, the mother and father share legal and physical custody of a child at set times. Both parents have equal decision-making authority as far as the child is concerned.
  • Sole custody: In such an arrangement, full custody is granted to one parent while the other parent gets visitation rights.

A family lawyer in Lubbock, TX will work with an unmarried father and help him set realistic expectations as far as child custody is concerned.

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Regardless of whether a father was legally married to his child’s mother, he has certain rights. A father seeking child custody must have legal representation to ensure that his interests and his parental rights are protected. The firm’s legal team will review the case’s facts and advise parents of their legal options. Clients can find out more about us by visiting the website or they may call to schedule a no-obligation consultation.