Some men make the mistake of not using child support attorneys Lakeway, TX, and end up paying dearly. This is especially true if they are seeking custody or are on bad terms with the mother of their child. Any father that has to go to family court needs to hire a lawyer to represent them.

Custodial Parents Get Support

A man needs to understand that custodial parents are the ones who receive child support. Mothers are awarded physical custody in an overwhelming majority of custody cases. Although the debate about whether or not bias in family court rages on, fathers have to deal with the reality that the odds are against them winning custody. As such, they are likely to have to pay some support.

Unreasonable Requests

A father who has to pay child support might find some of the requests by the mother unreasonable. The father might be against spending money on something that the mother claims is necessary for the child. For example, a father might be opposed to sending their kid to a private school that they have to pay for without any help. They might feel that the mother should at least pay for half the costs. Any father who thinks that a request for money is unreasonable should get a lawyer to help them. Get in touch with child support attorneys Lakeway, TX.


A father might have to go to court to have their support adjusted. What if a dad loses his job? What if they have mounting medical expenses? There are several reasons why a father might need their child support payments lowered. When a father wants a payment lowered, they have to go through the courts. They just can’t start paying a lower amount or not paying any support at all.

For some fathers, child support is incredibly frustrating. They might have minimal visitation rights while paying a high amount of support. Any father who has to fight for custody or deal with child support needs to get a lawyer involved in their case as soon as it starts. Visit the website for more information.