Consult a DUI Lawyer in Salisbury, MD to Minimize the Effects of a Conviction

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Lawyers

When a person faces a DUI conviction, they’re usually eager to put it behind them. Most people who are convicted want to know when, or if, the offense can be erased from their record. However, there’s no way to expunge a conviction from one’s record, even with the help of a DUI lawyer in Salisbury, MD. Read on to learn more about this state’s drunk driving laws.

How Long After a Conviction Does a Driver Lose Their License?

A common question about DUIs in Maryland is how long the offender must go without a license. Though it seems like a minor issue, for most people, driving is a part of everyday life. When someone is arrested for DUI, the officer will likely confiscate their license immediately. If they and their DUI lawyer in Salisbury, MD take no further action, the state’s MVA (Motor Vehicle Administration) will move to suspend their driving privileges 46 days after the arrest

How Long Do DUI Suspensions Last?

If the offender submitted to chemical testing and had a BAC between .08 and .15, and it’s their first offense in the past five years, they’ll likely go through a 90-day suspension or they’ll go six months with an ignition interlock. However, if the offender’s BAC was more than .15%, the MVA will suspend their license for 180 days or require them to have an ignition interlock for a year. Drivers who refuse to submit to chemical testing will lose their licenses for 270 days and participate in the interlock program for one year.

How Long Do the Points Stay on the Offender’s Driving Record?

If a person has received points on their driving record, they’ve experienced the adverse effects of those points in the form of license suspension or higher insurance costs. Maryland law says that points stay on a person’s driving record for three years, which means they’re visible to potential employers and auto insurers. However, they only count against an offender’s record for two years after a violation.

DUI is a serious offense that shouldn’t be taken lightly. For help minimizing these charges or getting them dismissed, visit Domain or call the firm.

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