Workers’s compensation laws have been in place in the United States since 1911. Meant to protect workerss and provide for their needs, this insurance is required ofo by most employers. Although this insurance is meant to help injured workers, it often causes more harm than good. Injured workers are sometimes denied their claims and given the runaround for weeks on end until they simply give up. Those who have been injured on the job have the right to receive the benefits they deserve. Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Hempstead, NY can make a big difference in a person’s pursuit of their injury claim.

There are several necessary steps one will have to make to be approved for benefits:

• The s and involves the injured worker reports to their boss and informs them of their injuries. Although a worker has a certain time period to take care of this step, they should act as soon as possible since their claim cannot begin until they do so.

• The employer must file the claim with their insurance company and then the insurance company contacts the injured worker. They will require the worker to see their company doctor for a full diagnosis and prognosis.

• After the claim has been filed and the worker has seen the doctor, the insurance company typically has around two weeks to respond. They can approve the claim and the worker will begin receiving benefits, or they can deny it.

It is important people realize a denial does not mean the claim process is over. Workerss can file an appeal which is when it can prove helpful to hire a workers’ compensation attorney in Hempstead, NY. An attorney can help an injured worker through the appeals process so they can be approved by the judge.

Those who have been injured on the job do not have to fight the insurance company and their employer alone. If you are in need of legal help, browse the website to find more information. The Law Office of Steven R. Smith will be happy to help you pursue your workers’s compensation benefits so the insurance company does not unfairly deny you.