A divorce is already a challenging time for anyone. Add children to the mix, and the repercussions are lifelong and massive. Divorce lawyers in Temecula are constantly trying to manage the very intricate steps of organizing custody and finding some sense with children of divorcees. How it all unfolds will determine how lives continue, so it is nothing to take lightly.

Moms Do Not Control the Situation

There is an unfortunate reality when it comes to custody and children. There is an idea that a woman, the wife, controls the situation because she actually birthed the child or children. The understanding they have is that it is 80% in their control. In the court of law, this is hardly the truth.

Now, divorce lawyers constantly see mothers favored in a court of law. It is designed to be a 50/50 agreement between the two parties, where both have exactly equal say in the debate over custody. But, most people who have ever witnessed a divorce unfolding know that this is a pretty strong ideal and not often the case.

The Courts Push for Equal Measures

The above could be very bad news for mothers. But, in truth, it is a nice equilibrium. The court of law prioritizes a mutual agreement and a good relationship with both parents over a one-sided affair. This is often how dads, who were not particularly great, still get fair custody rights. The law wants what it wants, and it will fight for it. It is up to the divorce lawyers in Temecula to help promote a different story, if that is indeed the situation.

The natural court of law bias to push for a mutually beneficial relationship with both parents is something lawyers need to account for. It is something that clients should expect. If there is a case of abuse of some kind, that needs to become the overarching issue. Without pushing that, the court will lean nicely towards a middle ground that a mother may not want and father may not deserve. For more information on the Law Office of Michelle Penna, parents can browse the website.