Defendants who attend their trial in a jail jumpsuit are at a significant disadvantage over those who go to the courthouse from home. Regardless of the charges against them, people who have to wait in jail for their trial are more likely to be sent to prison than the ones who are able to get out with a Jail Bond in Douglasville GA. There are a few reasons for this phenomenon.

First, it is much easier to obtain a lawyer and keep in contact with them from home than it is from jail. This takes some of the power away from the prosecutor and puts a defendant’s fate in their own hands. People who are in jail have limited contact with their attorney. Although conversations between a defendant and their lawyer are supposed to be confidential, the likelihood that someone will overhear the conversation and use it against the defendant is much more likely when that contact is made through a jailhouse phone line.

Another way people who are able to obtain a Jail Bond in Douglasville GA have an advantage is that they will wear their own suit to court. A criminal trial can take place weeks or even months after an arrest date. A person who remains in jail for that length of time is sure to look more like someone who has committed a crime than one has on their own clothes, has manicured nails and has recently had their hair cut. Although these factors have nothing to do with the facts of the case, a juror cannot help but notice a defendant’s appearance as they sit in the courtroom.

An experienced bail bond company can help a family give their loved one the best chance of success in their criminal case. Whether the charges are for a misdemeanor or felony offense, if the judge has allowed the defendant to get out on bail, a bail bondsman can help. It’s important to work with a reputable company with knowledgeable representatives who understand the law. Family members can visit the website to learn more and then get in contact with a representative to start the release process as soon as possible.