In Pennsylvania, personal injuries that resulted from a construction site occur for a multitude of reasons. When starting a claim, it is urgent that the attorney understands exactly what happened and how. Reviewing possibilities with a construction injury lawyer Washington, PA helps victims understand their rights and file a claim appropriately.

Safety Equipment for Workers

Construction companies are required to purchase safety equipment for their workers. The equipment must meet federal regulations and keep the workers safe throughout the workday. This includes safety gear that prevents the workers from falling at high altitudes. If the equipment fails, then the employer is liable for any injuries sustained by the workers.

Pedestrian Accidents in Construction Zones

Pedestrian accidents are likely to happen if the construction company doesn’t create barriers around their work site. It is required by law to set up a perimeter around the entire workspace to prevent outsiders from getting in. A worksite that isn’t defined clearly leads to confusion, and pedestrians are likely to cross into unauthorized areas and get injured.

Accidents Related to Explosives

According to the law, construction companies are required to issue a notice in the local newspaper at any time that they decide to use explosives. The notice must define when and where the explosives are used to prevent possible accidents. Signs are also necessary to ensure the safety of the public and prevent these accidents.

Unstable Properties and Risk Mitigation

When starting demolition services, the construction company must evaluate the stability of existing structures. Before the demo starts, they must also ensure that no one is inside the building. Large-scale buildings that are unstable present a greater risk to the workers and nearby buildings. The construction company must follow safety precautions as outlined in federal and state laws.

In Pennsylvania, personal injuries occur due to a failure to provide a duty. Construction companies must provide a duty to the public and their workers by enforcing safety policies and regulations. The accidents could involve pedestrians, workers, and anyone who enters the workspace. Victims who need assistance from a construction injury lawyer in Washington, PA can contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment right now.