A personal injury lawyer should be the first person you think of when someone’s negligence causes you bodily harm. A drunk and disorderly driver may fail to take heed of traffic lights at a pedestrian crossing and proceed to knock you down. You may be picking some items at a local store when, suddenly, a loose shelf sends cases tumbling down causing injury to your arm. A doctor operating on you may accidentally leave sections of a wound unstitched or administer wrong medication. These are just but a few examples of how personal injury arises.

In such circumstances, a Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer may help deliver you from possible exploitation by the parties whose negligence led to your injury. You should pursue a just cause for getting reimbursement on the money spent seeking for treatment and the lost income arising from the days you missed work. A bodily injury can affect the performance of your daily activities. You are not being paid for the sake of it but this is genuine compensation for that part of your life that was brought to a standstill.

Below are ways in which you can approach a personal injury lawyer for help.

  • You have already identified several lawyers or firms where you feel assistance might be forthcoming. The next thing you need to do is set up appointments with them. Make arrangements to meet these attorneys on a one-on-one basis. The meetings will help you make an initial judgment about the lawyer.
  • While meeting the personal injury lawyer, ask him/her to give an opinion of your success rate. You could be pursuing a case where the possibilities of compensation are very slim. It may not be worth the while to follow up such cases. The attorney can tell you whether you stand a good chance or not.
  • Ask the lawyer whether he/she has dealt with similar personal injury cases before. Probe the number of cases won and those lost. Find out how difficult your case will be and what you need to do in order to facilitate a smooth dispensation of the case. Do you need to provide receipts? Should someone take photos of the scene of accident? Are there any letters of formal complaint to be written? These are some of the questions you should ask. If possible write them down before meeting with the Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer.
  • Make an inquiry about the fee. Every personal injury lawyer should allow clients to pay on a contingency basis. However some attorneys may be more expensive due to their reputation. Move on to another lawyer and choose the one you find most affordable. Communicate your decision to all the lawyers you visited. It is polite to do so.

An expensive Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer may want to maintain the status of his/her firm. Do not judge them unfairly. Do not openly show him/her that you are not interested, decline politely via email. Visit our website.