In Pennsylvania, there are many individuals who seemingly want to protect the rights of foreigners seeking American citizenship. Not only are some not certified to practice law in the state, but they also do not offer the qualifications you get from an immigration lawyer in Boca Raton, FL.

Some of these individuals work in immigration proceedings as:

• Advisors

• Counselors

• Notaries

• Specialists

They cannot act on your behalf with representation in a court or provide legal guidance. Those with nefarious intentions will take your money without delivering any type of service.

Therefore, you only want to hire qualified immigration lawyers with the essential qualifications you need.

You Need Skill, Knowledge and Experience

Immigration lawyers have spent years studying and working to hone their craft. They may have specializations and certifications that make them experts in immigration law. With their skill, knowledge and experience, you have a greater chance of successfully becoming a U.S. citizen.

Look for Proof of Credentials

Before you hire an immigration lawyer in Boca Raton, FL, look for proof that they hold certain credentials such as:

• Certification by the Florida Bar – contact the association to receive a list of qualified lawyers

• Specialization in immigration law – law firms that strictly focus on immigration issues have long-term interactions with immigration judges and enforcement officers

• Statewide recognition – high-level endorsements affirm the credibility of immigration lawyers

Hire an Immigration Lawyer You Trust

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