In Florida, auto accidents could lead to serious injuries that could present life-altering conditions for the victims. Under these circumstances, the victim may lose the ability to support themselves financially. Car Accident Lawyers in Hollywood FL provide assistance for these victims by providing the answers they need about possible claims.

Is a DUI Conviction Necessary to Win a Civil Claim?

No, a conviction for a DUI isn’t necessary for an accident victim to collect compensation from the at-fault driver. All the victim has to do is prove that the defendant caused the accident. However, a conviction could assist them in collecting compensation through restitution based on the penalties applied by the judge.

What Happens if There are Multiple Victims in the Same Vehicle?

An attorney can provide assistance for a legal claim for each victim, and they will file their claims separately. If the at-fault driver had auto coverage, their policy should provide a maximum for multiple victims. However, if the maximum value doesn’t cover all incurring medical expenses, the victims will need to file a legal claim to collect the additional costs.

When Do Victims Receive Compensation if the Accountable Driver Goes to Prison or Jail?

Typically, if a criminal court judge assigns restitution in a DUI case, the victim receives the funds through the defendant’s estate. If these funds aren’t available through an estate, they are collected from the defendant after they are released.

What Can the Family Do if the Victim Dies in a DUI-Related Auto Accident?

The family can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault driver after the victim dies. A DUI introduces circumstances that could have been avoided and a negligent act which is required for these claims.

In Florida, auto accident victims will have a multitude of questions after they become injured. Local attorneys could provide these accident victims with the answers they need and direct these victims in their pursuits to collect compensation. Victims who need to discuss these concerns with Car Accident Lawyers in Hollywood FL can contact Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff P.A. and schedule an appointment right now.