Fighting a DUI with a Traffic Lawyer in Madison, VA

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Lawyers

In Virginia, laws about driving under the influence are enforced through legal penalties. These penalties include high fines, jail sentences, and driver’s license suspensions. Drivers with an extensive record of this kind of traffic violations face the total loss of their driving privileges. A traffic lawyer in Madison, VA helps these drivers fight back against false charges.

Understanding Implied Consent

Implied consent is used in the state of Virginia. Under this ruling, the driver gave legal consent for chemical testing when they chose to drive. Law enforcement officers use this implied consent to make an arrest. Under Virginia law, they don’t require the results of a breathalyzer to arrest a subject. They can take a driver into custody, under the suspicion of this infraction.

The First DUI Conviction

The penalties for the first DUI conviction begin with a jail sentence of at least five days. The fines for this infraction start at $250, and the driver’s license suspension could last up to one year.

A Second Conviction

The penalties for the second DUI conviction incurs a jail sentence with a minimum of twenty days and a maximum of one year. The minimum fine for this charge is $500. The driver’s license is suspended for three years.

Third DUI Conviction

With the third conviction, the driver receives no less than six months in county lockup. The fine starts at $1,000. The driver’s license is suspended indefinitely for any driver convicted for a third time within ten years.

When Is an Ignition Interlocking Device Needed?

Ignition interlocking devices determine if the driver’s blood-alcohol content reading implies a DUI. If this reading is over the legal limit, the automobile will not start. This device is required for the second and third DUI conviction. It is required for the first conviction if the blood alcohol content reading is at least 0.15 percent.

In Virginia, DUI charges lead to serious penalties that may result in the total loss of driving privileges. The blood-alcohol content reading, number of previous convictions, and circumstances of the arrest determine this assignment. Drivers who are facing DUI charges should contact a traffic lawyer in Madison, VA or find more information here today.

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