Debt is something no one wants to have to face. When debt becomes overwhelming, people often are unsure of what they can do to find financial freedom. Unfortunately, creditors can be ruthless in their approach to pursuing a person for the debts they owe; they can legally garnish wages and can repossess or foreclose on property. If a person chooses to ignore their warning letters and calls, the situation can worsen. With the help of attorneys in Casa Grande, AZ, a person can learn about their options for legally settling their debt.

If a person is dealing with more debt than their income can handle, it behooves them to meet with attorneys in Casa Grande, AZ. An attorney can review a person’s debts and their income to determine what type of bankruptcy will give them the best result. Bankruptcy seeks to remove the financial burden people suffer from so they can begin to make better decisions that will improve their financial future. There are two types of bankruptcy one can file as an individual or couple.

Chapter 7 is a bankruptcy type for those who have debts that are not secured by property. With this bankruptcy, a mean’s test must be administered to ensure the applicant does not exceed income limits. This type can allow people to settle their debt in as few as six months. A third-party oversees the bankruptcy to make sure the owed creditors receive payment. This person can also offer debt forgiveness for some types of debt.

There is also the option of chapter 13, which is the right choice for people who may lose their property due to foreclosure or repossession. When chapter 13 is put in place, all creditors listed must immediately stop pursuing the debtor. This bankruptcy can give a person three to five years to pay off their debts so they are current on their bills. Since there are some restrictions for filing, it is helpful if a person consults with a lawyer to get started.

If you are having trouble rising above your debt, now is the time for relief. For more information visit ; this site can give you further information to help you make a sound decision.