A criminal conviction will affect an individual’s life forever and could limit their ability to be employed or gain custody of their child. Very often, an individual will believe that a misdemeanor conviction isn’t anything to worry about. The fact is, any type of misdemeanor or felony conviction could cause enhanced penalties in the future of another crime.

An attorney who represents clients involved with criminal law in Williamsport PA has experience in cases that include charges such as delivery of a controlled substance and possession with intent to deliver. Parole or probation hearings, misdemeanors, felonies, burglary, and armed robbery are other areas of the criminal law. Domestic violence is a charge that can lead to an arrest and limit an individual’s ability to see their children.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Many individuals believe that a DUI isn’t a very serious crime. The fact is, a DUI conviction will result in enhanced penalties for any subsequent convictions of a DUI. If an individual loses their license, it will limit their ability to remain gainfully employed or take care of responsibilities. An experienced attorney will aggressively fight a DUI charge, the field sobriety tests, and the reason the police pulled the individual over.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence involves the criminal law in Williamsport PA and is more involved than a husband and wife or couple getting into a verbal argument. If an individual is serviced with a Protection from Abuse Order by a civil court, they could be criminally charged if they violate its terms. Unlike other civil court cases, the police will arrest the individual.

Drug Charges

With the epidemic of drug overdoses, an individual who is charged and then convicted of possession with intent to deliver could face harsh penalties. If an individual sells a controlled substance to an individual and that individual dies, the seller could be charged with murder.

Receiving competent and aggressive criminal legal defense is the best way to receive a good outcome to a case. A public defender will not provide the same type of defense as a private lawyer will. Callahan & Gardner Law Offices have over 40 years of experience successfully representing clients who have been charged with a crime.