Have You Been Searching for a Texas Lemon Law Attorney?

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Lawyers

Do you believe that you have a lemon law case but have not been able to find a Texas lemon law attorney? You do have other options but before those options are discussed it is important to remember that you will be limited time wise. If you think that you were sold a lemon and that you may have a case under the law than you need to act quickly.

The Time Factor

Each state has lemon laws and each state has their own caveats to protection under these laws, however, every state does have some sort of statute of limitations on the books.  Wasting time trying to find a local attorney that can review your case can actually negatively impact your ability to file suit under the lemon law.

You Have to Move It Along

Here are a few tips for moving the search along (at the end of the last paragraph you will find the easiest solution). Reduce your search to the following:

1. Call for a meeting –can’t wait more than a day or two

2. Is there a fee?

3. Have they won any cases

If you are really committed to finding a local lawyer you can speed up your search by trying to make an appointment for as soon as possible, if the receptionist tries to put you off for a couple of weeks, just hang up and call the next one.  Ask about the fee structure. Do you have to pay to go to the first consult? Will you have to pay up front for services before they start work on the case? If you do, make another appointment with a different lawyer, maybe the next one will be more amicable about payments.

Ask the attorneys you are considering how many cases they won. It’s important to know.

Avoid all of it and contact Krohn & Moss, they are not local but they are experts that have won nice sized settlements around the country, they offer free case evaluations AND if you don’t get paid they don’t get paid, so no fee upfront! For more details visit www.yourlemonlawrights.com.

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