How a Ladder Accident Lawyer in New London, CT Can Help an Injured Person Piece Their Life Back Together

by | Jul 14, 2017 | toplevellegal

While ladders can be invaluable tools in different industries, using them comes with risks. Whether a ladder is defective or a person simply loses their footing while using one, the propensity for injury is great and can leave the person with debilitating injuries that prevent them from living their life normally. When an accident happens that is not the fault of the injured party, they should contact a ladder accident lawyer in New London, CT to help. They can ensure a person gets the money they need to get their life back on track and restore normalcy.

Work-Related Injuries

A company is responsible for ensuring that the tools and equipment their employees use are regularly inspected and are safe for use. If they overlook this important aspect, it can lead to injury. Even though workers’ compensation insurance will cover most medical costs associated with treatment, it will not provide the injured party with compensation for the injury and for any permanent health side effects that may result.

Faulty Craftsmanship

Ladder manufacturers must ensure the products they produce are built according to stringent standards and are safe for use. If a ladder is not constructed properly, it can cause the person using it to become injured and lead to serious injuries. If the user was following all of the ladder’s safety instructions and not exceeding the recommended weight limit, the manufacturer should be held accountable and compensate the injured person for any medical bills and lost wages.

Third Party Error

One of the biggest reasons for a ladder-related injury is the oversight of a third party. If a person bumps a ladder or inhibits its safe use, the injured party should contact a ladder accident lawyer in New London, CT. They will be able to get the person who sustained the injuries the restitution they deserve and help them get them back on track without the damage leading to financial devastation.

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