When a worker in injured on the job, Workers Compensation should handle their medical bills and lost wages. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Florida is friendly to businesses, but not so friendly to employees. It can be very difficult for an injured worker to receive the Workers Comp benefits they expect and are entitled to. Restrictive Florida laws make it important for an injured worker to talk to a Workers Compensation Attorney in Vero Beach FL.

In Florida, Workers Comp laws favor employers – not employees – in many different ways.

The Doctor is Chosen by the Insurance Company

If you’re an injured employee, you must see a doctor approved by the insurance company, not your own doctor. Why does this matter so much? The benefits you will receive depend on the doctor’s diagnosis. These doctors tend to send people back to work before they’re ready, thus ensuring Workers Comp benefits don’t have to be paid for very long. Giving an injured worker a prescription for pain meds and sending him or her back to work early isn’t healing the injury.

There is a Limit on How Long an Injured Worker can Receive Workers Comp Checks

As soon as the insurance company doctor says you can go back to work, the benefit checks stop. Even if people aren’t really ready to work, they are forced to go back to pay their bills.

Your Job isn’t Protected

There is no guarantee in Florida that an injured worker’s job will be there when the worker is able to go back to work. Employers don’t have to hold the job.

Proving Disability is Difficult

If you can’t go back to work at your old job, the insurance company can decide that you are still able to perform another job and use this as a reason to deny benefits. All the insurance company has to prove is that you can work at something. It doesn’t matter if this “new” job pays a lot less than your old job or is in a completely different field you have no experience or interest in.

At Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille, you’ll find an experienced Workers Compensation Attorney in Vero Beach FL who can help you when you need it the most. The insurance company and your employer are protecting their own interests. Your attorney will be defending your rights and your best interests. Call 772-569-2667 today to schedule your free consultation.