Is Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer in Cornelius, NC Really Necessary?

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Lawyers

People who have never purchased residential properties before don’t always know what kind of paperwork is involved, or what sort of procedures need to be completed before a deal goes through. In order to ensure no surprises arise later on, it makes sense to seek help from a real estate lawyer in Cornelius, NC. Here are some of the things that they can help the client with.

Checking the History of the Property

Unless the home was just constructed as part of a new housing development, the property does have a history. The real estate lawyer in Cornelius, NC can delve into that history and make sure there are no loose ends that could cause heartburn for the buyer in the future. For example, the lawyer can confirm the previous purchases were completed with all the required paperwork. The lawyer can also check the details concerning where the property lines run, ensuring there will be no disputes with the neighbors in the years to come. This effort will also reveal if there are any liens or other claims against the property at present, and ensure the current owner takes care of those as part of the transaction.

Reviewing the Sales Documents

Assuming there is nothing in the property’s past that would cause the buyer any problems, the lawyer can focus on the structure of the pending sale documents. The goal is to ensure every document is in full compliance with current laws. If the seller has agreed to certain stipulations, the lawyer will make sure those details are included in the official documents. For example, if the seller has agreed to replace the aging heat pump before the sale is final, that will be included in the documentation. Doing so helps ensure there are no questions about what the two parties agreed must happen before the deal is completed.

For help with any type of residential sale, contact us today and arrange to speak with a lawyer. Thanks to the resources that the legal counsel has available, it will not take long to determine that every aspect of the transaction is in order, and the buyer’s interests remain protected.

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