In Wisconsin, personal injury claims are available for individuals who sustained traumatic brain injuries. The claims help victims collect compensation from the liable party who caused their injuries. The type of personal injury claim may require the victim to follow more specific guidelines. A Brain Injury Lawyer in Green Bay WI helps victims file a claim right now.

Complete Personality Changes

Serious brain injuries lead to complete personality changes for some patients. The patient may return to their previous mental state after recovery. However, this is not the case for everyone. In the most severe of injuries, the patient may not survive their injuries.

Permanent Memory Loss

Traumatic brain injuries lead to permanent memory loss for some patients. The effects on the brain prevent them from recalling important details about their lives. In some instances, the patient may remember the years prior to their injuries. Whereas others may never remember who they are.

Extensive Medical Care and Ongoing Requirements

The severe brain injuries may require the family to admit the patient into an assisted living facility. The cost of the care may not be covered by major medical insurance entirely. The family may seek compensation from the liable party to cover the cost of care. When filing the personal injury claim, the family must include invoices from all doctors treating the patient and documents that show the cost of ongoing medical services.

A Loss of Financial Support

If the patient was the primary earner, the family can add a loss of financial support in their legal claim. The potential award for the claim is lifetime earnings for the victim. Lifetime earnings are based on the age of the individual, their expected longevity prior to the accident, and their current wages.

In Wisconsin, personal injury claims help victims collect compensation after an injury. The type of claim dictates which laws are applicable to the lawsuit. With brain injuries, the claim may include additional requests due to long-term disabilities or care demands. Victims who want to learn more about claims contact a Brain Injury Lawyer in Green Bay WI through Brabazon Law Office LLC or Browse the website right now.