In New York, parents are required to submit child support payments as directed by the court. The assignment is based on either a decision made by the judge or an arrangement agreed upon between the couple. Once the judge signs the assignment, the order must be followed exactly. An attorney can help parents in reviewing the requirements for child support in Suffolk County NY today.

Complying with the Court Order

Any non-custodial parent that fails to comply with the child support order is in violation of the law. The judge can issue a warrant for their arrest for failing to comply with the court order. If they are several months behind on these payments, they may face jail time that allows them to accumulate the value required. The custodial parent has the right to notify the court at any time their former spouse is late submitting these payments.

Increases for Child Support Payments

The custodial parent may file a petition to acquire an increase in child support payments. Conditions that allow them to acquire these increases include a pay increase for the non-custodial parent, lose of employment, or new medical requirements for the child.

The custodial parent files the potential through the court and a hearing is scheduled. The non-custodial parent is notified of the hearing. If the judge determines that the increase is warranted, the increase begins immediately following the hearing.

What Factors Could Affect the Value Assigned?

Factors that could affect the value assigned could include medical requirements for the child. If the non-custodial parent isn’t employed, the judge may assign a value based on their earning potential. The lifestyle achieved during the marriage could also affect the value. If the custodial parent cannot provide the same lifestyle, the court may increase support payments to achieve this standard.

In New York, parents follow the child support arrangements assigned by the court. Any failure to follow these requirements could lead to a denial of visitation or a jail sentence. The court has the right to issue a warrant for the immediate arrest of parents who don’t submit timely child support payments. Parents who need help reviewing requirements for Child Support in Suffolk County NY should visit us for more information today.