In Washington, auto accidents lead to more severe injuries and often fatalities. After any auto accident, victims are advised to contact law enforcement or emergency services. It is also important for the victims to collect insurance information from the at-fault driver. A Car Accident Attorney In Bellingham helps victims who didn’t collect compensation through an insurance claim.

Investigating the Scene of the Accident

Officers are called to the scene of the accident and determine how the accident occurred. Information from all parties involved is collected by the officers. Drivers are tested for alcohol if they seem intoxicated. Any drivers who are sent to the emergency room undergo a toxicology screening for alcohol and controlled substances. An accident report is prepared, and all drivers are required to submit a copy to their insurer.

Filing Insurance Claims for Victim Injuries and Property Damage

If the at-fault driver has auto insurance, the victims file a claim through the accountable driver’s insurer. Funds are released after a claims adjuster reviews the claim, the automobile, and the victim’s medical invoices. However, if the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance, the victim has to file a legal claim to collect any compensation.

Gathering Details from the Victims

Medical records are a vital part of any auto accident claim. The records show the exact injuries sustained by the victims and explain how the injuries could affect the victim later in their lives. Invoices for all medical treatment and estimates for auto repair expenses are sent in with the legal claim.

What is the Possible Outcome of a Legal Claim?

Unless the victim sustained serious injuries, the defendant pays the full cost of medical treatment and auto repair costs. Victims could acquire lost wages if they were unable to return to work. Tort-based awards could come into play if the injuries caused a permanent disability.

In Washington, auto accidents are caused by a multitude of circumstances. The events could occur due to a DUI, dangerous road conditions, or the weather. When it is caused by a moving violation, the accountable party must take responsibility for their actions. Victims of auto accidents contact a Car Accident Attorney In Bellingham directly or visit Sitename right now.

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