Working out the terms for a divorce and some kind of child custody arrangement isn’t always easy. In certain situations, the court may authorize visitation by the non-custodial parent but require that a third party is present. This is known as supervised visitation. Here are a few things about this arrangement that the Family Attorney in Temecula will discuss with the client.

Why Would the Court Order Supervised Visitation?

As the Family Attorney in Temecula will explain, the welfare of the children is a priority for the court. That means if there is any reason to believe that the non-custodial parent presents some type of risk to the children, having another adult along is in the best interests of the children.

Keep in mind that this kind of visitation arrangement does not mean the court believes the non-custodial parent would deliberately harm the children. The basis for this approach could be that the lifestyle of the parent exposes the children to situations the court interprets as being potentially harmful.

In some cases, this type of visitation arrangement will take place then there has been an extended period of estrangement between the non-custodial parent and the children. For example, perhaps the parent has lived on the other side of the country for the last few years. During those first few months, as the parent and the children get to know one another again, having a third party present makes the transition easier for everyone involved.

Who Can Function as a Supervisor

Depending on the individual situation, the court may determine that a professional child visitation provider is present for the duration of the visit. That professional may be an officer of the court or be employed by an agency recognized by the court. Non-professional providers may also be acceptable under certain conditions. In the latter scenario, a grandparent or other relative may be entrusted with the responsibility.

If there is the need to establish or alter a plan for child visitation, browse the website today and make arrangements to consult the Law Office of Michelle Penna. Bring along any documentation or other information that has some bearing on the situation. Doing so will make it possible to decide on a course of action that will protect the rights of the children at all times.