When someone finds themselves or a loved one in the middle of a brain injury case, it can be difficult to know where to start. Many injuries are persistent and hard to be objective about, which makes litigation more complicated. In this guide, potential clients can learn several facts about these cases as they’re handled by a brain injury attorney in Fort Collins.

The Process Is Arduous

First, it’s important to understand that all types of brain injury cases can take a long time to resolve, particularly if it is hard to present definitive evidence. If an injury can’t be proven with a CT scan or MRI, the insurer may assume the victim is exaggerating or the condition is pre-existing. That’s why it’s important to hire an attorney who knows the insurers’ tactics and can work against them.

New Technology Makes It Easier to Document Brain Injuries

Brain injury litigation was different a few decades ago, primarily because it was believed that a person had to be unconscious or show substantial changes to brain scans to prove a permanent injury. Today, these factors no longer apply, and it’s widely accepted that the brain is more susceptible to injury than was previously believed. Being able to document the severity of an injury is the best and fastest way to win or settle a brain injury case.

Recovery May Be Slow

The process of rehabilitating a brain injury differs according to a variety of factors. Regardless of the severity of an injury, there are several aspects everyone should be aware of.

•Mild brain injuries are often fully recovered from within six weeks, and they typically result in benign CT or MRI scans. Symptoms can vary, and people with pre-existing difficulties may take longer to recover.

•Some suffering from TBI have diminished self-awareness, which means they don’t recognize how the injury has affected them.

•Returning to work and real life can be hard, and a lengthy rehabilitation process may be required.

Start Right Away

Evidence of brain injuries can disappear quickly, and it’s important for affected individuals to seek help from a brain injury attorney in Fort Collins as soon as possible. There are numerous time-sensitive aspects of filing a brain injury claim, and an attorney can help a client gather the necessary evidence. Visit the website for more details or call Burton & Burton to schedule a consultation.