When injuries occur because of someone else, the injured party often faces difficulty pursuing compensation. Whether working with an insurance company or pursuing the responsible party directly, a person may end up needing legal guidance to help them in their pursuit. With the help of an injury lawyer in Louisa, VA, an injured person can have the legal help they need so the process of pursuing compensation is much easier to go through.

A person needs to bring in all of the evidence they have available for the first consultation with the injury lawyer in Louisa, VA. The burden of proof lies with the plaintiff so it is important ample evidence is provided. The injury lawyer will begin to build the case from the information the injured party provides. An investigation will also take place so the lawyer can attempt to gain further evidence. This phase of any injury case is called the discovery phase.

During the process of working with a lawyer, it behooves a person to be sure they follow the instructions they are given. The lawyer will take over most every aspect of the case but may need the injured victim to carry out tasks from time to time. With a lawyer working on the case, an injured person does not have to deal with so much stress and can focus on their recovery.

The lawyer will work with the insurance company or pursue the responsible person through a trial. The goal is to get the fairest outcome in an injury claim so the injured person receives a just settlement. Since many injury lawyers work on contingency, a person will not be required to pay their fees unless they win their case.

If you have been seriously injured because of someone else, there is no need for you to fight through your case alone. Contact the office of Dulaney Lauer and Thomas, LLP and ask them for a consultation appointment. They work to help injured people receive fair compensation so they can receive justice for their injuries and measurable damages. Call today to get started.

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