Using A Family Law Attorney in Jefferson County MO When Fighting For Custody

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Lawyers

When a married couple with children decides to get divorced, there is often a discrepancy as to who will be the primary caregiver. If the couple cannot come to a decision on their own, a court session to find out who will retain custody may be needed. It is best to have legal representation by a Family Law Attorney in Jefferson County MO if this is the case.

In many instances, the couple will need to go to a mediation session to determine who will have primary custody or visitation rights in the interim before the court date. This is a great way of coming to an agreement that each party can live with. The attorney may be present at this session if desired. They will help with suggestions and will try to help with a favorable result.

The result of this session will need to be followed exactly. If someone fails to follow these directions, they could be arrested for going against the court order. It is best to follow the instructions in visitation, drop-off times and locations.

An attorney will help come up with reasoning why their client is better suited to being the primary caregiver. Often this is a difficult time for each party, as well as the children involved. If the other person is not desired as the primary caregiver, some points may be made publicly as to why they are not the better choice. It is a good idea to have the children in another room during this part of the court session. They can be called in to give testimony in their own desires at one point of the court session. In many court settings, the children’s wants are taken into consideration. They will be questioned about who they would like to stay with, and this may have an impact on the final result.

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