What Should Applicants Know About Filing For Social Security Disability Benefits in New Bedford, MA?

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Lawyers

While filing for social security disability is meant to be fairly easy, it is often filled with unexpected delays, stresses, and unfair denials. One may file online or through their local Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration offers a checklist for applicants to review. This details all of the requirements of applying and what constitutes a severe impairment. It is vital a person reads through the site entirely before they attempt to file so they will know what is expected of them and what information they will need to supply. This information will help people better understand the process of filing for social security disability benefits in New Bedford, MA.

When completing the Social Security disability form, it is important a person is careful in the answers they give and the information they provide, as it will all be verified. Any erroneous information could prevent a person from being approved. One will also need to complete the adult disability report form. This form provides the Social Security Disability District Office the information that is required for verifying the applicant’s medical condition. Finally, the applicant will need to sign the Disclose Information form SSA 827, which gives permission for their medical records to be obtained.

Unfortunately, people are sometimes unfairly denied even when they meet all of the requirements. If the paperwork is not filed correctly or all information is not received, the application can also be denied. Many people do not realize they have the right to appeal the denial they are given. This grants them a hearing before an administrative law judge. Although being represented by an attorney is not required, it behooves a person to seek legal help to ensure their rights are protected and they are able to receive the Social Security disability benefits they are entitled to.

If you are in the process of filing for social security disability benefits in New Bedford, MA, or have been denied and would like legal help in the process, contact us. An attorney cannot guarantee an outcome, but they will work to ensure their client’s forms are filed correctly and they are represented fully at any hearings or meetings. Call today for an appointment.

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