In Oklahoma, defendants who qualify for bail can acquire a bail bond to acquire release from county lockup. These arrangements are made through a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman can work with the court to acquire the defendant’s release once the bail bond is purchased. The following are details defendants can expect from a bail bond agenti n Oklahoma City.

Acquiring the Right Information

The bail bondsman can visit the county court clerk and acquire information about a defendant. They will need the defendant’s entire name, booking number, and the name of the facility in which they are being held currently. The bondsman can also acquire the value of their bail as assigned by the judge following their arraignment.

Calculating the Bail Bond Value

The bail bond value is between 10 and 14% of the total bail value. The defendant or their representative must provide payment for the bail bond value. They can make these payments via cash, check, or credit card. Once it is processed, the bail bondsman will complete all the necessary paperwork and submit the forms as required by the county court.

Determining Options for Paying for the Bail Bond

If the defendant or their representative doesn’t have enough money to pay for the bail bond, they have alternative options. They can acquire the bail bond by providing collateral. Collateral that is acceptable for a bail bond includes real estate property, automobiles, jewelry, and CDs. The property must provide enough proceeds to cover the full cost of the bail bond value required.

Arranging Release and Defining Provisions

The bail bondsman takes the paperwork to the court and files it. Once they acquire the release documents, they take them to the county jail. The defendant will go through out-processing and become released immediately after.

In Oklahoma, defendants can acquire a release from county lockup by posting bail or by acquiring a bail bond. If they need a bail bond, they need to work with a bonding agent. The bonding agent can start this process once the bail bond value is paid. Defendants that need to hire a Bail Bond Agentin Oklahoma City can schedule an appointment right now.