When someone is searching for a Personal Injury Attorney in Terre Haute IN, something terrible has happened and they are dealing with multiple problems. They are injured and faced with all of the resultant issues because of another’s negligence or actions. In a perfect world, this wouldn’t have happened, but it did. Now, they have the legal right to be compensated by those responsible.

A personal injury case follows a certain process. Each case is unique, so these are only very general guidelines as to the process.

Is it Necessary to Hire an Attorney?

If the injuries are minor and should fully heal in about two weeks or less, it’s not normally necessary to hire an attorney. If a fair settlement isn’t offered, small claims court could be an option. It’s always possible to discuss any legal issues or proposed settlement with an attorney before signing any papers.

Some of the reasons that most people would hire an attorney include:

• It will take time to heal

• Ongoing medical treatment is necessary

• There are complex issues involved, as is always true in any medical malpractice case

• There are permanent scars or disfiguring injuries

• They have no experience negotiating with an insurance company or attorneys

Get Medical Treatment

The most important thing to do is to receive necessary medical treatment. This is very important for your health but is also necessary in order to establish a case if that should become necessary.

The Steps of a Personal Injury Claim

A personal injury case involves a civil claim for monetary compensation. It’s possible to have both a civil and criminal case involving the same accident, such as could happen if a drunk driver was responsible for injuries to others.

The steps involved in a personal injury case could include:

• Filing and serving a complaint on the defendant (the person(s) who are believed responsible for the injuries)

• The defendant hiring an attorney and notifying their insurance company

• Pre-trial litigation which can take months or longer in a complex case.

• Mediation or arbitration to try to reach a settlement

• Examining the evidence (discovery) and deposing witnesses

• Going to trial

• Settlement negotiations which can take place at any time

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