What You Need To Know About A Jail Bond In Dekalb County

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Lawyers

In Georgia, defendants who are charged with a criminal offense must be processed through the county jail. A correctional officer will book them and charge them formally in the computer system. Once they are processed and entered into the computer, the court can identify their location and additional details such as their booking number. The following are details about a Jail Bond in Dekalb County that is acquired after these processes.

Why is Bail Required?

Bail is an assurance that the defendant will appear at their scheduled court date. The judge determines the value of the bail based on the risk that they will flee. If the defendant commits a dangerous crime, they may not receive this opportunity. Once the bail is set, the defendant or their representative can acquire a bail bond.

What Individuals are Allowed to Post a Bail Bond?

In most cases, the defendant or one of their family members will post the bail. Defendants cannot post their own bail if they are under 18. This is why some defendants will need a family representative. They will contact a bondsman and follow the necessary steps to secure this bond.

Will the Individual Who Posts Bond Receive a Refund?

Anyone who posts bond for the defendant will get their money back after the case has concluded. Typically, cash bonds are held until the end of the case in most instances. A surety bond requires deductions for the bondsman’s or the county’s fees. The cash bond is often held to cover additional costs associated with the case such as legal fees accumulated by the defendant.

On the other hand, if the defendant flees and doesn’t appear in court, no portion of the bail bond is refunded. This could lead to the seizure of property that was used to secure the bond.

In Georgia, defendants have the right to post a bail bond to get released from the county jail. They must provide a percentage of the total bail value for these bonds. The bondsman will calculate these expenses for them. Defendants who need a Jail Bond in Dekalb County Contact Free At Last Bail Bonds for more details today.

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